Friends of Shellman Bluff, Inc.

2018 Parade Guidelines

Thank you for joining our parade for 2018. From all of us with Friends of Shellman Bluff,Inc., we hope you have a great day and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Festivities take place rain or shine.


  • The Parade begins Saturday March 24th @ 11:00 AM (NEW START TIME) at the Masonic Lodge on Sutherland Bluff Road and ends at Cooper’s Point. Route is approximately 1.5 miles. You will be lined up in the order of time arrived at line-up, with a few exceptions of some chosen groups and dignitaries. Parade director is Tim

  • Parade route goes from downtown Shellman Bluff to uptown Shellman Bluff. Judges will ride the line-up at 10:15 AM to judge the Best Of categories: Golf Carts, 2) Floats, 3) Antiques, and 4) Floatless. Make sure your float is ready and riders all in place to be judges. Best of Theme will be chosen at the judges stand during the

  • Parade Route: Exit the line-up to the right, turn right at the first paved road (Fisherman’s Lodge Rd.), travel along River Road to the second road and take a left. Take a right at the end of the road, left at the intersection and follow Shellman Bluff Rd. As you approach the area in front of the judges, they will view your entry for the grand prize “Best of Theme” and judge you accordingly. There will be a large jar located by the Judges stand. Bribing of the judges is highly encouraged!


  • Due to safety reason, 4 wheelers are prohibited, unless pulling some type of float. Wheelies, burning rubber and dangerous driving is prohibited and you will be pulled from the PARADE!


  • Due to safety reasons nothing can be thrown from the float such as beads or candy. They can be handed to parade watchers by someone in your party that is walking with your float. This will keep children and adults away from moving floats and out of the parade route.



Drive with care and watch the float in front of you.

In this parade, no telling what will happen!